About LogMeIn

LogMeIn is a company through which we can access computers and all the data in it from anywhere else. To put it simply, it is a work accessing company in which we can access and make use of all the work in the computer through the channel of other computers such as from desktop positioned at your home. This is very handy and convenient in instances when you have forgotten all your work in the office or you need to work at home and thus you no longer need to go to the office in order to get it.

This means that LogMeIn gives to total access and control over your working pc or any other system for that matter no matter where you need it at one present moment. All that you have to do is to install software and then get back to your job. Once the software has been installed, you can carry out your normal work as you would do in that computer which has all your data.

Sitting at a far off computer where you are able to retrieve and access and the files and applications makes your job easier. It is also worth mentioning that while you are using that far off computer or system that has all the necessary data in it, the system is rendered unavailable meaning that others wouldn’t be able to use it in the same manner as you are.

There are a couple of versions in which LogMeIn has been made accessible. The first is the free version and the other is the pay version. The free version has been termed as the LogMeIn free version and the pay version is more commonly referred to as the LogMeIn Pro. Both these versions have some of the most amazing features and aspects found nowhere else.

Both have the incentive to access files and applications from some other system. Here it is quite understood that the pay version would give you more number of features in comparison to the other version. It is also being said that the Pro version is valid both for the Mac and the PC. This means that you are able to make use out of both in order to access the far off computer at your workplace.

The inception of the company came about in 2003 and since then there has been no turning back since people are now better able to connect with their jobs and systems. Also, they have a full time service as in they have toll free numbers which are used for customer complaints and dealership. So in event of any complain and urgency you can always contact them for all sorts of technical support.

In addition to this, the company is now offering the incentive to access your computer using your iPad and iPhone. This means that there are literally now no limitation for you can access your work and files no matter where you are as long as you are equipped with the latest of technology.