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    Short Review of Hamachi

    The product is a famous virtual private network which is capable of establishing direct links in between computers that are located behind the NAT firewalls. It does so without requiring any kind of recognition. This means that you will be able to access your PC without any kind of a delay from the WAN or the Internet side. Hamachi gives therefore software which establishes a connection online which in turn emulates the connection which would exist if computers were connected through LAN or a local area network. If you have the MAC OS or the Windows operating system, then you will be able to avail of it in the form of the production version. If you are using the Linux operating system then you can use the Hamachi software in the form of its beta version. It is fairly easy to install, provide you follow a number of steps.

    Well Known Features

    Centrally Managed Software
    The product is one that is centrally managed. It comprises of server clusters which are managed by the vendors of Hamachi system as well as client software that is installed on the end user computers. One virtual network surface is added to the computer by the Hamachi client software which is used for injecting the inbound VPN traffic and which also intercepts the outbound VPN traffic. The outbound traffic which is sent by operating system to the interface is then delivered to client software. The client software then encrypts as well as authenticates it after which it sends it destined VPN peer through a UDP connection that is specially initiated. It all works fast, you can try it out.

    Compatible with Various Operating Systems
    One of the most well known features of Hamachi is that this software is compatible with various different kinds of operating systems. Some examples of the operating systems with which the software is compatible include Windows 10, Vista, Windows 7 and 8, Server 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000. Before it had been released exclusively for the Windows operating system, several of those using Hamachi had complained of a large number of compatibility issues. However, this software presently includes what is known as the Vista Tweaks which greatly helps in solving the compatibility problems which you are user of the Windows operating system will be likely to experience. The Hamachi download is available in the freeware version. However, the server side of this software is not really an open source one. Consequently you will find it quite difficult to assess how robust this tools security actually is. You also need to remember that while this tool is free of cost right now, there is no guarantee for how long it is actually going to remain free.

    Excellent Security Settings
    It is characterized by excellent security settings. This software makes use of strong and industry standard algorithms for securing as well as authenticating data. The security architecture of the Hamachi download is open. If you want to operate the program in your computer then you will require one mediation server which is operated by a vendor. This server will store the maintenance password, the nickname, the authentication token etc. It will be able to log actual IP addresses along with various details of sessions. The security features are especially important in case you are going to download torrent files off a bit torrent client, no matter how secure to torrent client itself is. Even the fact that ChilliTorrent provides a safe way to download torrents, the online security of the user is vital.

    Server Assisted By NAT Traversal Technique
    Hamachi makes use of a server that is assisted by the NAT traversal technique. This is very similar to what is known as UDP hole punching.

    Installing the application

    Download and Install Hamachi
    The first thing which you need to do to install the software in your computer is to click on the download button and install the program. After that you have to run this file. You should refrain from running the file automatically. If you do so, then you will be able to run it later as a service. The next step which you need to take is to reboot your computer once you have installed the program in your machine. You should open Hamachi from a new shortcut that is created on your desktop after your computer reboots and follow the necessary instructions for establishing the new account.

    Select Nickname and Create Hamachi Network
    You need to select a nickname for your software. This is very important. Once you have selected the nickname, you will receive what is known as a special IP address. You will receive this address through the Hamachi server. You need to follow the exact same procedure for all the computers that you wish to have on a private network. You should shoot for obtaining the IP addresses which are similar and close. The next step that you need to take for installing it in your computer is to create one new network. After this you have to choose one new net name as well as a new password. You need to ensure that the password which you choose is a secure password. This is absolutely vital as if your password is not secure your Hamachi account could be vulnerable to hacking. You can visit one of the password generate websites like Perfect Passwords in order to come up with a good and secure password for your account.

    Install Hamachi in All Computers and Join Network
    The final step that you need to take is to install Hamachi on all the computers in the private network. Thereafter you need to click over the option that is entitled as, “Join existing network” for all the computers. You need to type in your password along with your net name and then choose the option, “Join”. You will see that your computer is connected with all other computers in your network when a green dot will appear by each of these in the network list.

    Thus, the Hamachi download is characterized by some really popular features. It is also quite easy software to install provided you follow these installation steps.